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At Kongovi we are committed to sustainable development and pursue environmental excellence in our operations. Various initiatives that are in place are Reusing treated effluent on site ensuring zero discharge, reducing waste generation, increased recycling and reuse efforts, increase in green cover, optimum use of natural resources and energy management. We have a strong environment management framework with defined structures, roles and responsibilities, regular audits and training in place.

We have received the “Gold” Certification from the Indian Green Building Council as a recognition of our commitment to sustainable development.

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Our Initiatives

Recovery Systems

We maximise resource productivity by recovering and reusing most of the waste generated on line. Our operational prudence in recovering and reusing materials are focussed on maximising the reclamation and reuse of waste produced. The equipment is designed to reduce the generation of waste.

Effluent treatment

PLC operated stand alone state of the art treatment plant is in operation to ensure treatment of the effluent stream in an environmentally sound manner. Treated effluents are reused in the production process and in meeting the horticulture requirement on site. This ensures there is zero discharge from our facilities.

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment plant engineered to stringent international regulatory requirement has been commissioned on site. All of the sewage generated on site is treated and further used for horticulture.

Ground water recharge

The eco space around the complex has been created in a manner that allows the natural ecological system to run its course ensuring that all the water outlets are channelled to the two large ponds on the premises. This along with the rain harvesting process followed has enhanced the water table.

Green Certifications

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A number of initiatives have been taken to address the various social development imperatives with focus on education, health care and community development within the local community. Improvement of infrastructure in schools, scholarships to students in need and providing of medical equipment to hospitals are some of the activities we are involved in at the present